For work?

Are you moving to Finland because of work, 

or are you in Finland and would like to get a job?

As a rule, foreigners who intend to live and work in Finland need a valid residence permit.

This section provides information about obtaining a residence permit, different types of residence permits, registering at the Local Register Offices,

 the right of residence, etc.

Most of the applications can be made in Enter Finland service.

More information about validity and categories of residence permits.

Applying for a Residence Permit

The initial work-based residence permit
The first residence permit based on work reasons requires that the applicant already has a place of work in Finland. More information about residence permits and relevant forms can be found at The Finnish Immigrations website. 


Residence card

A residence card is provided when residence permit has been granted. A residence card proves that a person has the right to reside in Finland.


Residence permit based on family reasons

Family members of a foreign worker must apply for a residence permit if they consider a move to Finland. More information about residence permits based on family reasons can be found at:  

The Finnish Immigration

Extended permit

This initial residence permit is usually granted for a year. If an employee would like to continue their work in Finland, they must apply for a new residence permit in good time before the first permit expires (maximum 3 in before). 

Permanent residence permit

After a stay of four years, a permanent residence permit can be applied for.


Right of residence

If an EU citizen resides in Finland for more than three months, they must register their right of residence


Registration of foreigners

Foreigners who move to Finland are registered and receive a Finnish personal identity code from their Local Register Office. A passport and a valid residence permit must be brought to the Local Register Office.

Where can a Finnish personal identity code be obtained?

Personal identity codes can be obtained from the Local Register Office. A passport and a valid residence permit must be brought. If married, a marriage certificate is needed. The children’s’ birth certificates are also needed for those who have children (both documents Apostille certifications).  


How is a notification of move made?

If a permanent or temporary move, which exceeds three months takes place, a notification of move must be submitted. The notification can be completed online or by submitting forms. The forms are available at the post office or the Local Register Office. 

Finnish social security and the health insurance card (KELA card)

If residence in Finland is expected to be permanent, an individual may claim rights to Finnish social security and KELA (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) benefits. This also applies to health insurance and the acquisition of a KELA card.   


Alien's passport and travel document

In some cases a person may receive an alien passport and travel document instead of a national passport.




Finnish citizenship may be acquired through an application (this applies in most cases for workers who have resided in Finland for a sufficient period of time).  

Fulfilling the requirements for Finnish citizenship:

What grade and combination of exams must be obtained in the general language test (Finnish or Swedish)?

Language skills
National Foreign Language Certificate
National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI)

Can the place of work be changed if the residence permit is based on work reasons?

Aliens Act
(Unofficial translation, legally binding only in Finnish and Swedish) (PDF file)

The application for the work-based residence permit is pending. Can work be undertaken while a decision is being made?

Can tourists work without a residence permit?


Alien Act 81 § paragraph 4  

Exchanging a foreign driving license for a Finnish license

If the driving license has been granted in a country that is part of the Geneva or Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, the license can be replaced without the need for new instruction.

In case of unemployment


Nordic co-operation 
In Finnish
In Swedish

Finding the right union

Welcome to working life


What rights and responsibilities are relevant during periods of redundancy?


Is annual leave accrued during maternity leave?

7 § (Annual Holidays Act)   (Unofficial translation, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland) (PDF file)