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Ilmakuvaa Evijärvestä


It's worth moving to us. Back or for the first time.

In a municipality bigger than itself, the days go by without traffic jams. The sense of community in Ostrobothnia is strong and the entrepreneurial spirit is strong. Here, life is as it should be, for all ages.

Today, Evijärvi has more than 2,400 residents who enjoy their lives surrounded by pure nature. Safety, functioning services and versatile hobby opportunities are everyday life for residents of Evijärvi of all ages. In development, we don’t stand still, but together we create a better tomorrow by working hard from yesterday.

It is easy to find a place to live in Evijärvi, there are many business opportunities and families with children are taken into account. For example, the study program is organized in our municipality from preschool to high school. For new (and new old) residents of Evijärvi, we offer support for organizing work and free time. Welcome back. Or the first time.

Evijärvi service point

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The services are free of charge and, if necessary, we arrange interpretation. Feel free to contact us by phone, email, social media or the chat function on our website!