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Success stories don’t happen by chance, they are made together. Ilmajoki grows by an average of 50 inhabitants every year. The growth of the company base is also the best in the province. Ilmajoki is especially popular with families with children, which is why we have the youngest residents in the province. There are many good reasons for the municipality’s relocation success. We have a short drive to the capital of the region, but more affordable and larger plots. It’s easy to breathe in Finland’s widest expanse. A happy childhood is guaranteed with the best services for families with children in the province. In a safe community, you can grow up in peace. The sports opportunities are also unparalleled in the host of 15 Olympic athletes, and the active cultural activities culminate each year in Ilmajoki’s music festival. Ilmajoki’s attitude already starts with Jaakko Ilkka. Although we are proud of our deep roots and the power of doing, we welcome both visitors and migrants.

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