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Ilmakuvaa Lapuasta


Lapua is safe for both children and the elderly; Lapua has both urban energy and the peace of nature. Both small and larger companies are successful in Lapua.

In our city of almost 15,000 inhabitants, you can find versatile public and private services as well as a great variety of cultural and sports offerings.
The abundance of options is Lapua’s strength. We offer suitable housing for everyone: whether you dream of a home near the services of the city center or the peace of a village landscape.
Community spirit, entrepreneurship and innovation make Lapua’s future secure.
With Lapua, we don’t do “either or” but “both and”. We take a step forward from good and strive for better every day. The “both and” attitude keeps Lapua open to new ideas, growth and development.

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The services are free of charge and, if necessary, we arrange interpretation. Feel free to contact us by phone, email, social media or the chat function on our website!