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Ilmakuva Alavuden keskustasta


Alavus is known for Finland's biggest tourist attraction, the Tuuri village store and the shopping village formed around it. In addition to the trade sector, we are known for e.g. from our products in the construction industry and from more than 160 lakes, on the shores of which there are approx. two thousand leisure apartments. Alavus is indeed the largest summer cottage municipality in Southern Ostrobothnia!

Alavus is a diverse city where you can live well, but also visit, stay and enjoy yourself. Everything is conveniently close, and there is space and nature around. Alavus ‘s with strong entrepreneurship has services for many tastes. Services for residents are comprehensive. For example, schools and early childhood education centers have been built and renovated every year.

There are things to do in Alavus for all ages. You can do go-karting, motocross, skydiving, aviation, horse riding, fishing, cycling or nature sports, in addition to having a swimming pool, an ice rink and several sports and gyms at your disposal. In summer, you can also swim at several beaches. For lovers of culture, art and music, our city also offers hobby opportunities, spaces and many kinds of events throughout the year.

There are many opportunities for a smooth everyday life in Alavus for summer and permanent living. The new Aurinkoranta residential area offers opportunities for dream living: your own home in the middle of the city by the lake is a reality. A whole new residential area brings its own color to the life built around the lake. In recent years, the nature trails that have been restored to the lake’s scenery are in active use, and in winter you can also go outside on the outdoor trail made on the ice of the lake.

The market village of Tuuri is only a few kilometers away. Tuuri is also the village of the rally museum, climbing park, fishing, mini-golf and Moomin park, as well as the home of the popular Miljoona Tivoli in the summer.

Alavus has several vibrant and active villages, where you can also find plenty of accommodation and all kinds of things to do and see.


11332 inhabitants
Area 1,150 km2
Tax rate 21.25%
Number of lakes 165
About 1,900 holiday homes

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