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Ilmakuvaa Vimpelistä


The municipality of Vimpeli was founded in 1866. Its area is 328.61 km², of which 41.46 km² are water bodies. Vimpeli has almost 3,000 inhabitants who speak the Järviseutu dialect. The municipality offers its residents a safe and entrepreneurial environment for living and working, as well as good sports and hobby opportunities.

The pennant has a lot of power and appeal. Sports club Vimpelin Veto is making a name for itself in baseball. Vimpeli’s Ski Club also offers good opportunities for hobbies. Lakis, a ski slope located in Lakeaharju, is a well-known recreation spot. Ski, ski or throw frisbee golf in beautiful scenery! From here you can see the flat landscapes of southern Pohja, so the place is worth a small visit.

Vimpeli is able to offer its residents good public and private basic services. Through Vimpelin Vuokra-asunnot Oy, the municipality has a supply of 130 rental apartments. In the municipality, people live comfortably and close to nature. The builder of his own home is offered plenty of spacious and reasonably priced plots.

Our business life is characterized by a strong metal industry and entrepreneurship. A local industrial concentration has formed in the Rannilanmäki industrial area. There are about 300 companies in the pennant. The flagship of our corporate life is of course the Ruukki Vimpeli factories, but numerically most of the companies belong to the category of small companies in terms of personnel and turnover.

In addition to our companies and entrepreneurship, we are of course also known for Vimpelin Veto, Pyörää church, Saarikenttä baseball stadium and Lakeaharju skiing center. Vimpeli is also known as the home of the predecessor of the Reserviupseerikoulu, Vimpeli Military School. Local history is cherished in our museum area.

Welcome to Vimpeli!