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Tämä sivusto on tarkoitettu työnantajille, jotka ovat jo rekrytoineet tai suunnittelevat rekrytoivansa osaajia ulkomailta. Sivun tarkoituksena on koota kaikki oleellinen tieto samaan paikkaan koskien kansainvälisen työvoiman rekrytointia, asettautumista ja kotoutumisen tukemista.


Search and hiring of foreign labour.

Finding employees for a company always requires planning and preparation. Directing recruitment abroad also raises specific questions, as people moving to Finland often do not have experience in Finnish working life, information about living in Finland or the same preconception of your company as an employer as an applicant already residing in Finland.

The ultimate success of international recruitment depends not only on recruitment but also on the successful establishment in Finland, the company’s ability to receive employees from abroad and our society’s ability to encounter and integrate.

These pages provide information about recruitment, settling into Finland and a diverse work community.

  • Finding an employee abroad

    What should you consider when recruiting from abroad?

  • What kind of residence permit does my employee need and what should we take into account when hiring an employee from abroad?

  • Moving to Finland, finding housing, registrations and new living environment are challenging for the newcomer. Where can they find help?

  • An international work community is an asset that requires the organisation to be able to encounter individuals and lead diversity.

Read the International Recruitment Guide

The guide produced by the Course towards Finland project is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

To the guide

The regional city experts’ YouTube videos to support international recruitment are available in Finnish and Swedish

Watch on YouTube

Ostrobothnian entrepreneurs - Stories of successes and failures in the international labor market.

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International Employer - label helps companies communicate responsibility and attract international professionals.

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