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Ilmakuvaa Kuortaneesta


Welcome to Kuortane!

Did you know that Kuortane is nationally recognized for its safe environment? Is it a place where safety is combined with peaceful nature, excellent public services and great career opportunities? Yes it is! At Kuortane, you can do all this and a career in sports, the metal industry or the service industry.

The municipality of Kuortane has invested in flexible, functional everyday life. We have invested a lot in taking care of our families and maintaining the quality of our schools and daycare services. Kuortane is known for its Olympic Training Center, which is a unique, multi-disciplinary and highly international training, well-being and training center that offers sports and well-being services for individuals, groups, teams and top athletes. In Kuortane, you can build your dream home with a lake view, close to services with a smaller budget, or if building your own home is not your thing, you can always choose an apartment from our rental apartment options.

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The services are free of charge and, if necessary, we arrange interpretation. Feel free to contact us by phone, email, social media or the chat function on our website!